Korea Town L.A. by Kimberly Wong

Korea Town is a neighborhood in Central Los Angeles formed from Korean immigration in the 1960’s. In the 1990’s Korea town became very dangerous. It was full of violence and hate similar to Oakland. Korean parents were strict and wanted their kids to grow up and make money. This caused pressure on many kids and made them make bad choices. Korea Town and Oakland are similar because people were stealing and causing chaos in Korea Town which is what also happens in Oakland. Also because people were setting buildings on fire and causing violence in Korea Town. Korea town protested that it was not a safe place which is the same as Oakland. Oakland is also not very safe, people can easily rob you and not one feels safe. I want to learn more about how riots in 1992 were caused. Also does Korea Town still exist? If so, where is it located?

Barbecue is essential in Korea, it is a very popular and common dish. In Korea town, a food truck called Kogi became very popular. Kogi, was Mexican and Korean food put together. Many people in Korea Town loves Kogi and people from all around the world come to Korea Town just to get some Kogi. The Kogi food truck would tweet a new location everyday to sell. Once they are set up, long lines form fast.

        In Korea Town, there were many fights and riots.People set buildings on fire.


Barbecue is very essential in Korea Town.The Kogi food truck is very popular in Korea Town.Long lines form fast.

Oakland is similar to Korea Town, there are many protests and violence. Kogi is Korean food plus Mexican food put together.


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