Saudi Arabia’s Exotic Foods By Ruth Noy

Although I am a vegetarian, I thought that the food that Saudi Arabia traditionally eats are pretty exotic, different, and cool. These food might probably sound odd, strange, and disgusting to you or to Americans in particularly, but these foods is a delicacy to Saudi Arabia. First off, their marketplace is outside and they sell stuff that you would find in a regular indoor supermarket like meat, vegetables, fruit, and etc.

One way that they cook their meat is with tomatoes, onion, and pepper. The kinds of meat that they would eat are liver, hearts, and etc. Sometimes, they would catch their fish, especially tuna, themselves underwater by scuba diving! A weird but traditional food that they prepare and eat are lamb, camel, and reptile. They roast the lamb in a hole in the ground and serve the lamb with rice and other condiments. For the camel, they pick a young camel to eat because they are young and they don’t eat the hay yet. The camel is important in Saudi Arabia because they help carry and deliver, provide milk, and of course their food. They cook the reptile over a pot and make soup out if it. When they make these foods, they make a lot because it is for their guests. These foods are cultural and very traditional in the Saudi Arabia culture.

Again, I am a vegetarian, but I do truly think that these food are unique and sometimes quite strange. But then I remember that everyone has different traditions and culture, and eating these food just happens to be Saudi Arabia’s.

camel 2


reptile 2


lamb 2


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