The Culture of Sardegna by Ellen Perez

Sardegna: A cultural place of food, family, and friends with exotic yet simple foods.

  • The FOOD: In Sardegna the food is almost always made to be simple, traditional, and delicious. The food is also almost always completely homemade and not very fatty. There is a variety of foods to choose from if your looking for a favorite. For example you can eat ham,







special homemade flatbread,

or seafood.

  • The FAMILY and COMMUNITY: The families and communities in Sardegna are known to be big, close, and loving and most people have a great sense of humor. Sardegna’s not very big so neighborhoods aren’t either which leads to everybody knowing everybody. In Sardegna family and community is very important from day to day life.

  • The ART: Art is a big factor in Sardegna. The art always goes without criticism and is only seen as expressive. In most streets you will see some type of drawing, painting, or spray-painted image on a random wall. No matter what the image it’s just feeling. It can be any random wall but you’ll still see feeling/expressive images of history,









or even something like this, whatever it is, it’s beautiful.


Overall, I like to think of Sardegna as a family oriented place with their own culture, language, history, and foods unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I think many people are in love with (or will fall in love with Sardegna if it’s their first visit) because it’s a beautiful, culturally rich place and the food is different enough to leave you in awe.

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