WE BARE BEARS Cartoon Review by Somathra Em

 In this cartoon there are 3 main characters. The bears are all different types of bears for example one bear is a polar bear, the other is a panda bear, and the third one is a grizzly bear. The three bears do not live in there natural environment instead they live in the city with regular humans. The human characters do not question the existence of the three bears.

This cartoon is very diverse and the characters depict a wide variety of cultures. The humans in the show also don’t question the reason why the bears can talk. The bears co-exist with the humans and act just like them. This show teaches its audience the culture and the life of these three bears. These bears are humorous and has a lot of different personalities. These bears show there lifestyle in every episode showing the food they love and the things they are obsessed with. The bears have weird obsessions and they become easily attached to items. Theses bears overcome their weird and strong obsessions by helping each other out. The bears help each other to stop their fellow bear and they overcome anything in the end. The bears save each other in times of chaos and the must do the best they can to save each other in times of needs.

In the end every bear learns something new as well as the audience that is  watching the film. It teaches people to never forget the people who are around you and the things that they are willing to do for you. In the end of every episode the bears are happy and well connected.

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