KoreaTown in Los Angeles by Nancy Noy

What I learned that was new is that Koreatown was burned and a riot happened there; luckily they restored the place. About 50 people were killed while the riot was happening. 

Did you know that Koreatown has Korean food trucks? Korean food trucks change their locations and the lines for the food trucks are often pretty long. (By the way, the Koreatown riot was in 1992)

Koreatown food trucks

I think Koreatown and Oakland is similar because both of these towns have had at least one riot. Also, Oakland has Chinatown, so both of these cities (Oakland and Los Angeles) have towns of different cultures. I think Oakland also has a Koreatown.

What I want to learn more about Koreatown is how they decorated the town with their own cultures and how they got their unique cultured items. 

Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

Korean culture is very unique and is a very good destination to go to as a vacation or tour.

Koreatown NEVER sleeps and is a big town. I also found out that most of the residents there are actually Latino. There’s amazing food there and Korean food isn’t the only food they have.

Koreatown food that they sell!!

Koreatown population:124,281 (2008)

Zip code: 90005

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