Healthy Foods by Kimberly Wong and Rachel Nguyen

We do not think that teenagers at our school eat healthy. This is because of the poor nutrition value in the food given at our school. Teenagers at our school are surrounded by unhealthy food choices at school. For example, the cafe is filled with unhealthy food such as cookies and chips ready to buy from students and even staff at school. Many students buy chips everyday there as a lunch which is not good for their nutrition.

To get rid of this problem, the school should replace the unhealthy snacks at the cafe for fresh wholesome fruits and salads. They should get rid of the whole snack selling process because it allows students to waste their money on unhealthy foods. Healthy food such as fruits and granola bars should be provided to students for free. For example, whenever kids are hungry they rely on the snack store to fill them up with low nutritional foods.

They should also use organic ingredients and spices in the lunch instead of processed factory foods. For example, instead of pre packed meals in packages, they should make it fresh at school. The food should be appetizing because many student skip the free school lunch because it looks unappealing. They should put more effort into the recipes and ingredients they put in the food.

Another reason why kids skip lunch is because of the long lines. Many kids want to go hang out with their friends before lunch is over so the long lines are not helpful.

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