TJ Trip Somathra Em & Ellen Perez FRESH Fall 2015

When reading the article informing us about Trader Joe’s and it’s traditions we found a lot of interesting things but 4 of the most interesting points are below.

  • The stores atmosphere is highlighted by a South seas motif, crew members often wear Hawaiian shirts and banners throughout the store convey that theme.
  • Turnover among full-time crew is 4% yearly, substantially below that of traditional supermarkets.
  • John Shields, former CEO, in a conversation with the authors, stated he would address crew members at the opening of each new store to talk about TJ values and would tell them that if they were not having fun at the end of 30 days to please resign.
  • The TJ culture is one in which customers are integral to creating the shopping experience by delivering the shopping experience that is ” innovative, unique, interesting, and products that are hard-to-find.”

We found these things interesting because most supermarkets are more traditional in not only uniforms and payment but values. For example, a trip to Lucky’s or Food Max will most likely not have an atmosphere similar to that of Trader Joe’s because of Trader Joe’s decor, customers, products, and crew members.

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