The Trader Joe’s Exotic Experience by Ruth Noy and Maybellyne Alferez, FRESH FALL 2015

5 Main Facts

-By early 1980s, there were 26 stores labeled as Trader Joe’s.

-Joe Coulome founded Trader Joe’s in 1967.

-Trader Joe’s products are different, 75% of their products have their own label.

-Trader Joe’s makes grocery shopping an exotic experience rather than a regular visit for groceries.

-Trader Joe’s is not in debt, it is self-financed.

I would shop at Trader Joe’s because they have have new things for us to try and their products are unique and you can’t find them in any other grocery store. Their products are cheap. Some of their products are organic and natural for such a cheap price. They also have different products for different diets like vegetarians and vegans.

Maybellyne wants to try the Cashel Blue product from Trader Joe’s. It is blue cheese. She wants to try this product because she has never seen blue cheese before. She wonders how the cheese looks how it looks.

Ruth wants to try the Caramel Washed Gouda from Trader Joe’s. It is also a type of cheese. She wants to try it because she likes cheese and wants to taste more different types of cheese. She wants to try this cheese in lasagna and pasta.

We both like cheese.


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